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History and the use of Condoms

It’s a little known fact that ancient people used to use protective sheaths, generally made from animals bladders, intestines, and some were even made of metal. The problem with these is they were often ill fitted, and fit only over the tip of the penis. This was not effective in preventing diseases or pregnancy. The […]

Condom myths

Condoms Myths and Facts

Using two condoms doubles your protection– this is a myth. Using two condoms is not a good idea. When you have two rubber sheaths rubbing against each other, what is caused? Friction–friction causes wear and tear which gives you a much higher chance of ripping. Condoms break easily– this is a myth. Condoms, generally only […]

College and Condoms

As of November 2013 a recent study was done on the colleges across the United States. One in four people have a sexually transmitted disease. Because of the prevalence of std’s in the college population, students should be even more vigilant about protection. Around the same time as the STD study at college, the Center […]

College and Condoms

Sexually transmitted disease risks

The naked truth of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

If you don’t find condoms to be your saving grace in your everyday life, maybe you should see or rather hear of the details. This might actually scare you, I know it did me. Here are some myths about STD’s: Myth: Only trashy people get stds– actually sexually transmitted diseases don’t discriminate. They could care […]

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If a condom breaks

We all know that accidents happen. Sometimes in the heat of passion a condom will break. This is the moment that all of us dread. Generally if this happens it is usually because a condom is incorrectly worn, or expired. Sometimes it won’t even break and just slide off. First things are obvious. Both you […]